Ebook – A Perfect Danger


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Her perfect tree change is about to turn deadly…

Nellie Sinclair swaps her life in Sydney for the hamlet of Glenmeer, close to Bindarra Creek. Buying a farmhouse sight unseen, she arrives to find no power, a leaky roof, and the unsettling discovery that somebody has recently been inside.

Kane Maxwell, the local National Park tour guide, is drawn to the quiet and serious young woman next door but his gut tells him there’s a whole lot more to her change of lifestyle than she admits. Even as their friendship moves toward something unexpected and wonderful, she’s looking over her shoulder and jumping at shadows.

Determined to put her past behind her and build a new graphic design business, Nellie takes Kane on as her first client and they hike into the rugged bushland to take photographs for his new website. But during a cave visit they make a disturbing discovery – a recent campfire scattered with items Nellie recognises. Finding themselves trapped by a killer, Nellie makes a life-changing decision.

She has to keep Kane safe. Facing the danger she’s run from is the only way. Even with her own life at stake.

A Perfect Danger is the seventh and final book in the Bindarra Creek Mystery series. All are exciting standalones set in and around the beloved small town in rural Australia.