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She has the ultimate bachelor pad. He has white picket fences. A matchmaker’s dream. – or nightmare!

Quinne is a social media influencer. Peter is the cook at Maple Gardens Assisted Living. They couldn’t be more different.

When Quinne’s mother – a resident who loves to meddle – comes up with the idea of Quinne showcasing Maple Gardens, it is the last thing the busy and somewhat self-centred young woman wants to do. But Peter’s ten-year-old daughter is obsessed with Quinne and persuades her to reconsider. Grumpy cook Peter is less than impressed but what can he do? He just works there and has enough on his plate being a newly single dad.

It is one thing to spend time together because they have to. But as Quinne rediscovers her love of cooking, and Peter watches his daughter come out of her shell, they move past their differences. A long way past, as unexpected feelings grow.

But when the fallout from an accident reminds them just how different they are, will the matchmaking skills of the Maple Gardens residents be enough to bring together this unlikely pair?

Part opposites attract, part single dad, and an age gap… all wrapped up in a clean and sweet contemporary romance with a heartwarming happy ever after.

About the series: Maple Gardens has the best of care for its residents. Staff who go the extra mile. And a small group of elderly friends who want nothing more than to see their loved ones find romance. Even if it takes a bit of a nudge sometimes. And a whole lot of meddling!

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