Ebook – The Christmas Match



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He needs a girlfriend. She needs a job. Pity they can’t stand each other!

Olivia loves working at Maple Gardens Assisted Living and adores the residents and their families. Apart from the annoying son of one her charges who spills his drink on her and doesn’t even apologise. Her small act of revenge is satisfying… until she discovers who she just made an enemy of.

Isaac wants nothing more than to expand Maple Gardens into other states and the invitation of a potential backer to visit for an important Christmas party is perfect. Except, Isaac lied about having a girlfriend… and is expected to bring her.

Flying across the country together in a private jet is one thing. Pretending to be in love is quite another. But New York at Christmas time is about to work its magic.

Part billionaire romance, part fake boyfriend, and a whole lot of enemies to lovers… all wrapped up in a clean and sweet contemporary romance with a heartwarming happy ever after.

About the series: Maple Gardens has the best of care for its residents. Staff who go the extra mile. And a small group of elderly friends who want nothing more than to see their loved ones find romance. Even if it takes a bit of a nudge sometimes. And a whole lot of meddling.